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TLX has developed a featured candidate job engine to assist you with your contingent labor requirements.  Our database contains millions of candidates including;

  • 54,000+ vetted skilled tradesmen
  • 200,000+ vetted semi-skilled/general laborers
  • 10,000+ vetted professional IT and Engineering resources
  • 350+ vetted staffing and vendor partners

TLX provides more than just candidates, we provide you with highly vetted resources to make a real difference in your business.  Please answer the questions below and we will provide you with a list of qualified resources for your requirements.

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    Jamesha Gilbert

    Coordinator / Sourcer

    Jamesha works as a Coordinator / Sourcer for TalentLogistiX and recently joined the company in May of 2022. In this role she works closely with the Recruiters to ensure that candidates have a smooth hiring process and client’s staffing needs are met. 

    Prior to joining TalentLogistiX, she worked as Director of Operations for a homecare agency and had been in the healthcare industry for over 8 years. 

    Jamesha moved to Indianapolis from her hometown in Kentucky 14 years ago. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two small children, friends and family.