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TLX has a great reputation for providing our clients with higher quality contingent labor than our competitors. Our reputation is well earned and earned by design. This starts with our process of recruiting. Recruiting in the industry for the most part has been a lot of art mixed with process. TLX, on the other hand, deploys proprietary, smart pixel technology, which enables TLX to acquire candidates seeking employment identical to your job requirements in real time.

As an example, we recently developed a database of welders for a manufacturer in need of 500 welders for their production process. They are operating in the 80% manufacturing capacity range solely due to lack of production personnel. We used our technology to find 1100 qualified welders within 250 miles of their manufacturing sites actively seeking employment to solve their personnel challenges.

We have highly defined processes for determining client requirements including experience evaluation questionnaires, wage requirements, cultural standards, and a variety of other inputs to develop candidate profiles, which are further scrutinized in interviews with candidates. We leverage video, and web technologies to further vet them including testing for critical thinking skills, areas of deviation between candidate skills and experience, compared with contingent labor requirements. TLX also leverages technology to assist in the development of our contingent labor force including skills training, cultural and leadership development.

TLX has earned our reputation over 25 years of sheer hard work, developing our people, processes, procedures and leveraging proprietary “smart technology” to provide us with the upper hand in the Gig Economy. As we get further into the Gig Economy, more and more clients have learned TLX will provide them with a huge advantage in the acquisition of talent so critical to helping them reach the maximum performance standards for their individual industries.

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Jamesha Gilbert

Coordinator / Sourcer

Jamesha works as a Coordinator / Sourcer for TalentLogistiX and recently joined the company in May of 2022. In this role she works closely with the Recruiters to ensure that candidates have a smooth hiring process and client’s staffing needs are met. 

Prior to joining TalentLogistiX, she worked as Director of Operations for a homecare agency and had been in the healthcare industry for over 8 years. 

Jamesha moved to Indianapolis from her hometown in Kentucky 14 years ago. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two small children, friends and family.