Workforce Assessment

TalentLogistiX (TLX) is your workforce General Contractor. We provide human capital resources to clients and help them better manage costs, improve productivity, and increase your bottom line. We craft unique workforce solutions for our clients.

TLX Workforce Assessment is the tool set we utilize to evaluate your workforce challenges and how to repair them for you. There is no “set” answer for your specific workforce challenges. The questions below are a starting point for discussion and provide us with general answers to start the assessment process. From there, and a series of meetings; we will mutually determine how we can help you.

The questions below will assist us to begin the contingent staffing process from our database of thousands of resources, properly vetted and ready for work.



    On Boarding Costs

    Employment Costs

    Resource Utilization

    Opportunity Costs

    Total Employment

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    across industries


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    Resort & Entertainment

    National Contractors
    Healthcare Providers
    Business Intelligence

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