Are workforce challenges impacting your business?

Do you have high turnover? Can’t hire and retain the right talent? Our existing working/contractual relationships with hundreds of staffing vendors, including our own specialty staffing companies, enables TLX to deliver a variety of innovative workforce solutions, while leveraging our negotiating power for all customer requirements and opportunities.

We offer a wide variety of services to assist with your talent sourcing needs

TLX acts as a third-party service provider. We recruit, train, and place employment ready candidates in line with client specifications to meet their Workforce needs. Our outsourced employees deliver value that far outweighs the cost of hiring them directly by our clients. For 25 years, our clients have trusted us with the outsourcing of a broad range of roles including professional IT, Engineering, Executive, Project Management, Developers, Application Specialists, Skilled Tradesmen and General labor requirements.

We often discuss below and above the line talent requirements with our clients. Above the line employees are your Intellectual Property holders, who manage and operate the business. Your largest talent investment is in above the line employees. Below the line employees are generally employees who are largely skilled tradesmen and general labor. Your success is often dependent upon the below the line employees to execute production well, and on time. Many employers in the Gig Economy are struggling to find talent to meet production opportunities and schedules due to lack of talent. This is where TLX WaaS solutions can make the difference between true company success or lack thereof. We own the workforce and provide it as a service to your organization.

TLX is a different kind of vendor manager.  Yes, we can manage vendors in a typical Vendor Management System (VMS) and we provide our own branded VMS platform for this service.  Our teams are prepared to source and hire the best talent available to enable your company to run at or near full capacity.  Our single point of contact management platform has delivered solutions for clients from our vendor managed services including;

  • 350+ vetted staffing partners
  • 54,000+ vetted Skilled workers
  • 10,000+ vetted Professional IT and Engineering Candidates
  • 200,000+ vetted semi-skilled/general laborers
  • Project specialist vendors

Historically, the outsourcing industry has seen considerable growth from the information technology (IT) sector. This gave rise to business process outsourcing and now knowledge process outsourcing. Can project management services be outsourced? Surprisingly, this concept is still in its infancy, yet TLX has provided project management outsourcing services to clients for many years.

Cost pressures and quality improvement have been the main drivers for the success of our PMO services. PMO service delivery has led us to knowledge process outsourcing, KPO, as well. We have placed specialized resources with clients to deliver KPO as part of our PMO services delivery. Our services enable clients to focus on core competencies, gain outside expert vision, leverage PMO expertise for best practices assurance, faster ramp up time or time to market and experience in leveraging PMO services for the future.

The result of TalentLogistiX 25 years of successful experience is great recruiting process development and execution, building successful teams of people to consult with clients, and execution on recruiting requirements for clients. TLX has developed proprietary software, which gives us an advantage over our competition because they don’t have the software tools we employ. No one does!

TLX recruits nationally for our clients and our database is comprised of well over 5,000,000 candidate records and growing. The bottom line for our clients is they can expect quick, accurate recruiting execution and staffing client needs. TLX has great leverage with hundreds of partner vendors across the U.S. and our own brands; TechTrades and PinPoint Staffing. Our clients have come to experience and expect us to deliver on their requests in an industry best practices manner; well executed delivery on time, at the right price, with the right people.


We Unify the Best of Human Capital Technology & Services with a Progressive Understanding about Evolving Business Realities.


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Jamesha Gilbert

Coordinator / Sourcer

Jamesha works as a Coordinator / Sourcer for TalentLogistiX and recently joined the company in May of 2022. In this role she works closely with the Recruiters to ensure that candidates have a smooth hiring process and client’s staffing needs are met. 

Prior to joining TalentLogistiX, she worked as Director of Operations for a homecare agency and had been in the healthcare industry for over 8 years. 

Jamesha moved to Indianapolis from her hometown in Kentucky 14 years ago. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two small children, friends and family.