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Another Tool in your Security Workforce Tool Belt

By Mark Nazarenus

I have worked in the security space for over 45 years and the one consistent challenge was having the right amount of install labor to handle large projects and support my company’s growth strategy. I typically had a team of 8-12 install techs that each could support about $45K to $50k in revenue for our company each month. You would think if I added a tech every 3-4 months, we could just keep growing at a manageable pace, not the case! If you are an Owner or Sr. Leader of a security integration business, you know that orders do not flow in at a nice even pace. You have dry spells due to seasonality or your rock-star salesperson brings you a $250,000 order with 1200 hours of labor and it needs to be completed in the next two months. I always used to think “these are good kinds of problems to have” but the reality is this is still a problem! How do you get this done?

A company like Security Force X (SFX) has provided an option that has been lacking in our industry. They have trained security technicians with 5-7 years of experience. They show up fully equipped with tools and are ready to augment your team with an attitude of serving your organization and your customers for as long as it takes to complete the job.  As an example, the job I described above could utilize 2 of your guys and 3 SFX guys for 8 weeks to complete this job. The 3 SFX guys move on to another integrators project and are not on your payroll until you need them again. As a side note, the SFX team has been completing the work that is quoted in about 85% of the time. More profits in your pocket!

This type of contract labor comes with several contract/financial offerings that align with your business needs. So in summary, you now have access to trained Professional Installers who will show up and augment your workforces to complete jobs, increase profitability, and help your company grow.

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