Feeding Team

Neighbors helping neighbors throughout Central Indiana and beyond.

Volunteer holding food donation box

The Feeding Team Mission

Our mission is to provide food for our hungry neighbors through free, confidential, 24-7 outdoor food pantries. The pantries operate on the honor system of “Take What You Need, Give What You Can.” Our pantries rely on the community and local companies to keep non-perishable food in pantries throughout Central Indiana. Individuals, businesses, and volunteers deliver, stock, and sort more than one thousand meals every month.

By partnering with TLX as one of our clients or associates, you’re directly supporting our mission to provide food for those in need, especially families that don’t fit the models of public assistance and traditional food pantries.

Want to be a hero to those in your community?

The Feeding Team Story

TLX founders Mark and Lisa Hall lived with food insecurity as a young married couple with children. “We ate many dinners that consisted of one baked potato and a can of Dinty Moore beef stew,” says Mark. As average Hoosiers, the Halls knew that other families faced the same challenges, and they decided to do something about it – thus, Feeding Team was born. Now, the charity has spent more than a decade supporting food-insecure families of Central Indiana and making a difference in the community, one meal at a time.

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