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Being a disaster inspector – An episode in Disaster creates a heart of gratitude

By: Aaron Andrews

Just a few short months ago, I lost my job as an electrical apprentice, this was totally devastating since I had been working very hard to build a career in the industry. While this remains a possibility, the reality is thanks to TalentLogistiX I have been given a better opportunity.

For the last two months, I have been working night and day striving to do my best in an industry totally new and foreign to me. Through hard work, dedication, and the fantastic support provided by TalentLogistiX I am thriving and it has definitely shown financially; however, this isn’t just about the money.

Let me tell you about how humbling of an experience this has been. Upon my arrival in Dallas, Texas for my first day of training, due to my low budget, I had just enough money to stay at a camp ground for the next couple weeks as I worked my way through the process. Finally, the day came when I was deployed to Houston, the disaster zone. After checking in at the field office, I decided to work my way through some of the harder hit neighborhoods to see what I had gotten myself into. It beheld complete and utter destruction. I drove down side streets streaming on Facebook to share with my friends what I saw. The streets were littered with huge swaths of what once were parts of people’s homes.

People worked to repair the parts of their lives that had been wiped out by the hurricane. The one thing I did not see however was a single person with a look of defeat on their face. Instead, they worked to clean up the mess that had been left behind. I knew then that this was something I was passionate about. From there I began to learn how to do my job more effectively day by day.

A day in the life of a Disaster Inspector looks something like this. 4:30 am the alarm goes off and I roll out of bed. Time to get ready for my day. Shower, shave, breakfast and hit the road by 6 am. By 7 am I’m at my first door. Depending on the disaster each inspection zone has different requirements. With all paperwork in order an inspection for me takes on average of 15-30 minutes. Usually I get to about 30 doors per day. Once the last inspection of the day is done it’s back to the hotel, but the work day isn’t over yet. At this point I get all my paperwork for the day organized and filed away. Lastly you get your route set up for the next morning before trying to steal away an hour or two for yourself.

In short this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime. I plan to attempt to continue to do this type of work going forward, and I would highly recommend TalentLogistX to friends, family, and total strangers.

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Jamesha Gilbert

Coordinator / Sourcer

Jamesha works as a Coordinator / Sourcer for TalentLogistiX and recently joined the company in May of 2022. In this role she works closely with the Recruiters to ensure that candidates have a smooth hiring process and client’s staffing needs are met. 

Prior to joining TalentLogistiX, she worked as Director of Operations for a homecare agency and had been in the healthcare industry for over 8 years. 

Jamesha moved to Indianapolis from her hometown in Kentucky 14 years ago. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two small children, friends and family.