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Video Surveillance: A Workforce Business Solution

From our new Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Mark Nazarenus

After 10,000 video surveillance cameras installed and 45 years in the security solution industry, I recently joined TLX- Talent Logistix specializing in Workforce Business Solutions. Many of my colleagues have been saying that this is a test to see if you can teach an old dog new tricks. After 2 months in my new position, I feel like I am learning new things every week. On the flip side, I feel that I can bring my past experience to our partners at TLX. 

Video Surveillance over the years was primarily installed for Security and Safety reasons. More recently it has played a significant role in proving compliance as we moved through the pandemic. With the advancement of analytics in video where the solution goes beyond simply recording all activity, it is now identifying and delivering specific events and activities that are important to the business. When we think about managing and maximizing the workforce, the following are a few examples of opportunities to use your video surveillance system.

  • You can monitor the time it takes to load or unload materials per truck and create times to support your KPI and create a best practice video at the same time. 
  • There is an algorithm called “productivity loitering” that alerts when an employee has stopped moving for a period of time. Through a mobile app, you can quickly identify if that person is down and possibly injured or if they are just spending time on their phone. Coaching is always more effective with a video. 
  • Break areas and lunchrooms can be monitored, or the video reviewed to make sure people are living out the corporate culture in a setting where they can relax but still maintain your professional standards towards each other. 
  • Like the truck KPIs, any production or assembly line can be tracked and provide real-time numbers that can be celebrated when new records are set and bring focus to the team when the numbers are falling a little short. 

I am sure there are many other opportunities to use an existing technology solution, already owned by the company, to improve your workforce productivity. Contact us at if one of our Account Executives can assist you in any way. We can also help you find a security partner if you do not already have one.

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