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The Origin of TalentLogistix and

Mark Hall: CEO, Founder, and Visionary

Written by Mark Nazarenus – VP of Marketing and Sales for TLX – Talent Logistix Questions or comments can be sent to

Mark Hall is a Midwest native, who married his high school sweetheart and now resides in Noblesville, Indiana. Through the years he has happily embraced life as a devoted husband to Lisa and a loving father of three daughters – not to mention doting on seven grandchildren! To top it off Mark also raises Australian Shepherds.

Mark serves as the Founder and stalwart leader of TLX-TalentLogistix, a company that has revolutionized workforce business solutions since its inception in 1993. By bringing over 30 years of experience to the table, TLX has provided employment to an astounding 50,000 individuals and conducted hundreds of thousands of engagements with supreme dedication. Under his leadership, virtues such as honesty, community service, integrity, trust, and accountability remain fundamental cornerstones for success – all stemming from Mark’s strong faith foundation which guides how he both runs the business and lives life on a daily basis.

Mark and Lisa experienced the same financial constraints as many other young married couples with children, including having to make do with discounted meals in order to get by. In Mark’s words: “Throughout our younger days we faced financial hardship like so many others – it wasn’t uncommon for us to be out of money before running out of the week. We knew being in that spot, there must be a lot of others experiencing the same thing.”

Mark and Lisa started supporting local feeding programs in Indianapolis but had a heart for their own community of Noblesville, IN and Hamilton County. They learned of a program the Nazarene Church conducts in Louisville of offering outdoor, free food pantries, based on the honor system.

Utilizing this idea, was born out of a desire to combat hunger during the dire early days of the pandemic. Since then, it has grown into an inspiring movement with over 50 pantries established in Hamilton and Marion County – more are being built even now! These incredible resources follow one key principle: “Take what you need, Give what you can”. Thanks to their selfless efforts, thousands upon thousands of meals have been distributed weekly – providing needed food for those who would otherwise go without.

Mark and Lisa have successfully integrated their shared passion for the FeedingTeam mission into TLX – TalentLogistix. An impressive percentage of profits goes towards stocking local pantries, meaning even our corporate members or workforce solution contributors enable this cause simply by showing up to work each day. As Mark puts it: “Clients opt to use us not only because they know we have a capable team but understand that doing so gives back to community initiatives”. Indeed, through a no-questions-asked policy, FeedingTeams can ensure many people will receive meals when necessary.

Selected locations are carefully chosen to provide assistance to GAP Families – those with more than four members in the household earning incomes beyond public aid qualifications. Just like us, these families may find themselves running out of money on Wednesdays before payday rolls around -our pantries aim at providing them meals until then. While it is designed for this particular demographic, Mark encourages anyone struggling financially to also use our services.

Mark and Lisa’s vision has always been to put people to work so they can feed as many families as possible, those internal to TLX, our customers, our associates, and as many hungry neighbors throughout Central Indiana as possible. is the culmination of personal experience and the TLX collective heart to serve others. By joining Team TLX as either an associate, customer or affiliate, you’ll be taking part in this powerful mission!

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